Thanks R.P. but more to the story

by rjaIII - 9/9/12 3:37 PM

In Reply to: Just FYI. by R. Proffitt Moderator

The reason that Windows Live Mail is on the machine is because so really awful virus got into it several weeks ago and destroyed some key functions of Outlook Express.

After MUCH trying it was determined that the situation was so bad that Outlook could not be repaired or even be reinstalled. After that Thunderbird was tried and that too would not install correctly with decent function.

Out of desperation my guru, who is in fact a very highly qualified software and hardware person, installed WLM.

I asked my questions here as I just didn't feel comfortable imposing on Charles on such a small matter, but I do very much appreciate your time in responding to me.

I suppose that there is little that I can do at this point, but the plan now is to buy a new machine, set it up in the way that I want, and then completely erase or physically trash the hard drive on this one.

I must say that people who compose and proliferate such dangerous virus should be drawn, quartered and the remaining parts hung out for the birds.