Samsung HT e5500 and netflix connection problem

by opelnyc - 9/6/12 5:12 PM

In Reply to: Same issue on my BD-D5700 by WiseguyzzInc

This has been really frustrating, because I was really liking my Samsung home theater system until a few weeks ago. Suddenly, Netflix would not stream video. I could open the app, click on a movie, the movie would open, I'd click "play" and then the message "we cannot play this title right now, please choose another or try again later". Unfortunately, I tried a ton of different titles and I always got the same message.
Now the crazy part was, it was playing without a hitch for a month and a half or so and I had done NOTHING to the set up to make it suddenly stop working. So, I jumped on the forums and started reading page after page of trouble with all different models of Samsung players, and the frustrations that people experienced with customer service.
I decided to just try a few of the things other consumers suggested- first of all, I went into SETTINGS and changed the time zone to the appropriate one. For some people, this was all they needed to do to fix the problem. Not me. Next, I tried plugging and unplugging the BD player and the router, the longest I left if off was around 2 hours (as suggested in one of the forums). No go. I did this a bunch of times, and always went back to check that my time zone setting hadn't changed. I was fairly ready to give up- but I saw a suggestion to deactivate and reactivate the netflix app. The way to do this on the remote in the netflix app is press up up down down left right left right up up up up. Bingo, the window opens and you have the option to deactivate, which I did. Then I shut down the BD player and unplugged it, and unplugged the router for about 10 minutes. After that, I plugged everything in, logged into netflix, and pressed a title. I have NO IDEA WHY, but netflix seems to be in working order once again.