I am going to do my best to get a resolution.

by skellux - 9/2/12 6:42 AM

In Reply to: Seems to be a recurring theme... by birdmantd Moderator

I will say that if I am not satisfied by the way this turns out Motorola is out a loyal customer, even with their ****** locked bootloader I preferred them, but this is too much. I bought mine from Costco for $200 a week before they all dropped to $99. I will throw a fit if I have to pay to get this replaced. I'll post a pic of mine online and put a link to it here so you all can see it. Unbelievable, honestly. However, responding to birdmantd, there was literally no impact when it fractured. It just happened, it may have been a process begun with other falls before this event, but let me reiterate, there was no external stimuli when this disaster of a screen broke.