Me too

by macgyver58 - 9/1/12 2:02 PM

In Reply to: Hunger Games DVD and 2550 by hickersonz

I'm having the same problem. It takes forever ( About 5-6 minutes) to load the menu and when I click play the screen goes dark and nothing happens. It just wont play. I downloaded the firmware update and installed it with no results. Brought the disc back and exchanged it but the new one does the same thing. Target refuses to give a refund only an exchange so Im stuck with a disc that this player wont play. I contacted samsung and they asked for all the info and then did nothing. Haven't heard a word from them since. Maybe I'll sue them in small claims court. If I'm enough of a pain in the ass maybe I'll get a response. Would be a lot cheaper for them to help us fix this problem than to hire a lawyer I should think.