Bought one from Fingerhut

I have a couple of complaints about this device.
1) We left it charging for 10 hours and it was still showing that it was charging. When we turned it on though, it showed fully charged. All our other devices give indication when they are fully charged.
2) Had no problem getting it connected to our Windows XP PC and downloading our music. But when we went in search of our playlists, which is how we downloaded the music, we could not find them. The manual says you have to press the "+" sign next to the songs to place in playlist (notice singular form). It appears at this point, that you can have only one playlist and you have to go through all the music and select which ones you want on it, then redo it all again if you want a different list. I have different music tastes than my wife and we each have several different playlists depending on mood and situation. We have a shared one for traveling in the car.

Am I missing something?