SO close

by foxman09 - 8/28/12 4:13 PM

In Reply to: I found this, althought it's not detailed by Pepe7

I didn't see this article in my searches. Unfortunately, SIGH, turns out I have the Companion 3 Series II . The eHow article explains that you have a few simple screws to remove under the sticker. Well Bose got smart and replaced it with a quarter sized metal plate with two holes (not wood like I said in the photo) in it for a specialized tool, most likely a custom drill bit. I tried taking 2 thin pieces of metal and inserting them and twisting both CCW and CW. Figured it wouldn't be below them to make the unscrewing motion CW to fool the DIY repair man as a last stand before entering the module. Thanks for the help though. I'll email that author of the article to see if he could help me out with this updated module.

Ya I posted at all three of those forums and waaaay more haha. My next idea was to contact a 3rd party Bose repair centers to see if any would throw me a bone.