Don't go for an HTC ?? Why

by ORIGINAL_HEIGHTS - 8/27/12 7:46 PM

In Reply to: Don't go for an HTC by Stan_Smith

I have had the HTC EVO for almost 2 years, what problems am I supposed to be having? Love the phone, has been good for me.

@ Bencilal: The Samsung is a great phone and should suffice for most anything you want to do. I admit battery doesn't last the longest, but no smart phone has a long lasting battery. I bought a spare extra strength battery and charger. Bought it at Radio Shack with warranty: went in twice and said battery wasn't holding up and got two spares. I now have the original battery, two spares and one extra strength one. I never have battery problems I can't handle.

When I load up with a bunch of apps and install them, yes then it slows down. So do all the other ones including Apple. I load a normal number of apps, thirty to forty, and have no slow downs at all. It has never failed me when I needed it, and even when I didn't. If you had problems with yours, you should have taken it in to your carrier for service. Sometimes, upgrading the software will help in this situation also. I know a lot of people that purchased the EVO, and none of them have had a complaint. Every manufacturer is going to have a few bad ones out in the real world, but it should get taken care of by the carrier.

If your phone is slowing down and it seems nothing is working, try this tip: Take out your SD card, back up your apps to your computer. Double check that you have backed up your apps and they are all on your hard drive, now delete everything on your SD card(making sure everything was backed up). Now format the card, make sure you don't use one of the old commands that installed the old DOS system on it(you won't need it) LOL. After the card has been formatted, now reinstall you old data and programs. Doing this is like the defragment command for the hard drive. I don't really recommend using that on the SD card, wasn't created for that. But the formatting and reinstalling the data and apps will put everything in order and should speed it back up for you.

What ever you decide I wish you luck.