The Hunger Games blu ray disc will not play on my BD-C5500

by jetbluray - 8/27/12 5:45 PM

In Reply to: What a horrible BluRay Player!!! by ronmartinsen

I am having the same problems with my Samsung Blu Ray Player BD-C5500, as the person note above.
I have several dvds and blu ray not work and almost all hang up before playing. My latest problme is the blu ray disc The Hunger Games, which just came out last Tuesday.

I have the most updated software and firmware.

I have done the live chat, they had me confirm the software and firmware were up to date, then they had me reset the unit, sigh, then unplug it, sigh. Still nothing, concurrently I sent the support group my problem as noted above by the HD Tech above (and all I got back was a thank you, no patch for the Java problem, nothing, by the way the last update for firmware was Jan 2012).

Samsung had no time line when this would be fixed, no one could tell me anything, just Sorry. The person who installed my system into my home stated the Sony Blu Ray was not as good as the Samsung and conviced me to buy the Samsung. Guess what, The Hunger Games blu ray disc plays on the Sony Blu Ray I have on my other TV (I got it for free for signing up with Directv, ya a low end Sony Blu Ray, but at least it works everytime!!!!!!).

If anyone can help or if the HD Tech person can help, please chim in..........

Unit info:
Movie Title: The Hunger Games
Movie Studio: Lionsgate, Color Force
Player/Model: BD-C5500
Software: BSP-C5500WWB (most current software)
Firmware: ver.1025.1 (most current)