by skellux - 8/27/12 2:35 PM

In Reply to: Defective gorilla glas on Droid Razr/Maxx? by philrobj

Totally happened to me. Dropped phone several times and never had any damage other than slight cosmetic. I had the phone in my pocket and it was fine when it went in, later I pull it out and the glass is literally destroyed. I wish I could post a picture of this ********. There are upwards of 50 cracks around the edges all meeting at one point with no sign of impact. I have never seen anything like this, if its not defective glass than I'm a ******* penguin. and let me tell you, penguins cant type. I am seriously bothered by this, I've owned only motorola phones and this is crap. I posted here because someone mentioned there not being many reported cases, I wasnt going to post online but this is most certainly not the case definitely. so I can only assume there are hundreds more people who have experienced the same issue with no reporting, its like consumer rape, many cases go unreported!