camcorder lights

by laurencewithau - 8/23/12 5:35 AM

In Reply to: The Paglight 6 kit by boya84

Hi boya84. Thanks very much for the info.I can see it would be awkward to use the Paglight in a dance hall, because of the heat and the weight. The idea is to promote the dance, here in Wales, by uploading the videos to Facebook for friends of dance regulars and other people to view. I'll let you know if it happens and I'll give you the Facebook access details. You can see, then, whether the on-camcorder light, whatever it turns out to be, works. I've been looking at Litepanels LED lights. There's one called the Litepanels micro, but I can't work out whether it's suitable for low light levels in the sense of having sufficient 'throw'. I take that to be the distance illuminated. There's a Pro 2 LED light on ebay and elsewhere with a throw of 35 feet, and I suppose I'd want it to be at least 10 feet.
The Paglight battery lasts about 2 hours, by the way.I just wish i knew more about it all, but I'm learning.Perhaps I'll just ask them at the dance to switch the lights full on during filming, and hope that the dancers won't get coy about displaying themselves.
Thanks again for all your help. If you've any more advice it would be much appreciated.Wales is in the U.K, by the way, and it is not a place that the sun often visits, so even in the open air it's useful to have extra lighting.