The Paglight 6 kit

by boya84 - 8/22/12 10:05 PM

In Reply to: low light levels by laurencewithau

I am familiar with is a halogen bulb unit with a hefty (three pound) rechargeable NiCad battery pack.

Halogen lights are a full spectrum light and can be very bright - and can get hot. The heat is not a good idea in close quarters with inebriated people. Carrying around a 3 pound (1.36 kg) weight for a few hours even on a belt could be interesting along with the power cable to the camcorder-mounted light. You might want to look into how long the battery lasts and recharge time. Depending on the unit, the NiCads can get a "memory" and not last as long compared to when they are new. They should be totally run-down before recharging. Very different than Lithium Ion batteries which don't have quite the memory issue. Halogen bulbs need replacement after "X" hours of use and we don't know how much use your eBay unit has seen. I don't do eBay - and for around $50 for what originally was $200 seems like a good deal. Almost "too good to be true" - be very careful. Please understand - I am not bashing this light, but you should know what you are getting into with it. I have not used PAG products specifically, though I have used similar halogens (and tungsten) from Anton-Bauer, Frezzolini and NRG Research.

I was not necessarily recommending the low end LED light I suggested, but it is LED so very little heat. If I were to recommend a camera-mount LED unit, it would probably be one from Litepanel. More expensive, but correspondingly reliable, brighter and a fuller "fill-in". LED units use less power so typically can use batteries in the unit rather than bulky belt-worn battery packs. Some of the lower-end non-Litepanel units can throw a blue hue, but use of the camcorder's white balance resolves that. There are add-on lens/gels that can take care of the bluish tint, too.

In either case, having a dimmer to control the brightness is very useful but not a show stopper if the light does not have that ability. Barn doors are handy, too. And using any video light will be better than none at all.