Support at GFWL

by MicroShafted - 8/22/12 6:07 AM

In Reply to: More info is needed by KenHusveg

GFWL signed into my account and got an error, there was no login and it came up with an error (I wasn't told what error and try to sign in in a few hours there was some issue.

I can reset the password no worries, but when I try to log in the new password is wrong.

I have sent a support ticket here On the bottom link of the two.

Microsoft so far have said I don't have enough information to recover my account, now it contains mostly just my GFWL games.

The origanal email I created it with doesn't exist, I add my new ID and email and it worked well for year for just msn, nothing else. Then I stoped using it for msn and only used it for games for windows live.

They asked me for recently sent email, there are none, folders I made, there aren't any I remember making, people I have contacted by email, which is nobody via my live ID.

Would the CD keys associated with my account be evidence enough, nobody else should have those except me and I can provide the keys for every game on there if they let me talk to them.

I am going to ring GFWL and demand they fix it tomorrow, I got their number for AU
Phone number:
1800 555 741

Hours of operation (AEST):
7.00am to 9.00pm - Monday to Friday
9.00am to 5.00pm - Saturday and Sunday