Thank you so much

by holographicbreathing - 8/22/12 1:28 AM

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as an after thought do you think it would be worth my while buying an ZS camera from eBay?
are these a better buy?

I would like to thank you for the all Time you have gone to giving me this information It is totally important to me. as a beginner it would have been hard for me to find and understand this anywhere else.
the reason I needed this camera is that I've been recording three lectures on the central nervous system, cranial fluid and the effects of light and breath on these.
There were not any decent pictures for me to show with the lecture so I decided to draw my own. I could never draw before but with this they started coming out quite well and in the end I painted them with water colours which have come out beautifully. So I really needed a decent camera to be able to photograph them and put them on my website. when I tried with other people's cameras they all had different traits and did not betray the images and colour as they were.
When I finish the lecture and pictures I will put a link to them so if you wish you can see them.