White Spots on a Mits. WD65734 DLP 65"

Our TV just started the other day with the white spots. We're up to 21 now. Mitsubisihi is going to supply the new chip at no cost and a local Mitsubishi certified tech will install it for $200.00 labor. All I had to do was contact Mit. customer service by phone, give them the Model and Serial #'s and place/date of purchase and they took care of the rest. We should have the TV fixed this week. We just changed the lamp for the first time about a month ago. The TV is 4 months shy of 5 years old and is used a lot. Not sure if the lamp going out has anything to do with the white spots or if this is just a coincidence. We're not all that happy about having to pay anything at all, but $200.00 plus tax is better than the $600.00+ I've read about on other sites or having to buy a new TV.