arma 2

by lursmani - 8/18/12 4:38 AM

In Reply to: Looking for a cool FPS, any suggestions? by Rapid_Run

well if you want a good game, challenging, many weapons, inline and many modes, i would advice ARMA 2 combined operations. i am fan of this game. but you might not like it, as this game is realistic. allso its more like warfare simulator, but its online modes are way fun. it has about 3 hundred vechiles, planes, boats, helis. allso much more weapons, all kinds of weapons. big open world, and many ways to interact. its worth to try, but first i would advice downloading arma 2 free. just for try. it has no singleplayer, but full time multiplayer. allso operation arrowhead's new mod-Dayz is worth to try.