they are just right.

to be honest, movies are much more violent then games today. this can be explained: movies use very high quality efects, so you cant see difference between fake and real. allso they are more realistic, with all the emotions and human body parts...

games could not use such high quality graphics, coz they would instantly crash. at least no PC today can handle that. so graphics and emotions are unreal, you may see some blood like cloud somewhere in horror games, or see how a monster cuts hands of his victim, but they are not as real in movies, and less scary.

but most importrant thingis that both movies and game have age restrictions, which are often ignored. that is the main problem. in my opinion, it does not matter if a man sees violence in movies or games. both have same efect. so just like movies, games are just fine. im sorry for people who think games are for children only and let their kids play whatever the heck they find on market with cool cover. they should pay more atention.