Babylon Removal

by jerryconnerss - 8/15/12 1:49 PM

In Reply to: How to remove Babylon virus? by xguy03

What a pain in the ass Babylon is and I got rid of every bit of it by accident and experimenting! Heres how I did it using Windows XP Pro with Firefox 14.0.1

1- search your computer with the search feature for "babylon" (use "advanced option" and check all boxes)
2- highlight all files found
3- now here is where I can't figure out how I "right clicked" and changed all files to ICONS VIEW (everything would not delete until I did this but if you select all files and delete them WITHOUT PRESSING JUST "DELETE". I use "Iobit Uninstaller". is a GREAT SITE!!!
4- Right click and use your UNINSTALLER to delete all files
5- Run a registry cleaner (RegScrupXP)
Reboot and everything should be gone.....mine is!

As long as you can select all Babylon files and delete them with an UNINSTALLER.......BABYLON IS GONE!
Reboot and there ya are!