Creative speaker has amp built in

by hochun0809 - 8/14/12 7:38 PM

In Reply to: Sure but where is the 5.1 amplifier? by R. Proffitt Moderator

I think the Creative inspire p7800 has amplifier built-in
The reason that I dun want to buy the #8 one is because on amazon,

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It cannot decode DTS or Dolby Digital

I purchased this and tested it on both a PS/3's and a Mac Pro's optical digital outputs. It decodes the AAC signal to stereo (2 channels) but that is it. It discards the other four channels (LR, RR, Center, and subwoofer) and re-synthesizes those (poorly) using a trick that went out of fashion in 1980. Why do they not do it right? Because if they did, they would have to pay license fees to DTS and Dolby. It is telling that neither the product nor the accompanying docs feature the DTS and Dolby logos. You can verify this yourself by downloading a DTS test file from the web. You should get 6 VERY separate channels. When they say "this is the rear left channel" the sound should come out of only one speaker. These people even got front left and front right mixed up. Spend $200 more and buy something that has the DTS and Dolby Digital logos on it. Elsewhere on the web there are blogs where other people have tried to make these work, starting with increasing the volume of the subwoofer channel, which is too low. This involves soldering. happy Oh, and one blogger that opened it up noticed they sanded off the original chip ID and printed on another chip ID with the manufacturer's name misspelled. Hardly confidence-inspiring business practices.