Samsung TV cant read my USB HDD anymore

by Mishegaas - 8/10/12 9:25 PM

In Reply to: Same issue for m by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

It is unfortunate that Samsung around the world are hopeless to pass any useful information to the factory.

I was told by Samsung that USB stik will not work as HDD but any HDD up to 2TB will be supported by the OS but note that up to 1TB will be powered properly by the USB port (2TB HDD needs an external powrer supply).

I have the 40D6600 (running the latest firmware - 1020.1) and added a 1TB Seagate HDD. My TV is more than a year old and had previous versions of firmware. I already had two SO CALLED HDD failures which could only be fixed by re-formatting the HDD. Due to these HDD failures I have lost a lot of recordings which I am very unhappy about. Yes, it is a nasty bug in the firmware that needs urgent attention (if not fixed yet).

To be more specific, I have made significant amount of recordings before the HDD failed. It is not the HDD which was faulty. I think that the bug is in the filing system which crashes after certain size.

I would like Samsung to be more active in providing answeres rather than question us - smart people. I am almost sure many readers get very annoyed by uneducated answered from people who sign off as Samsung.