Samsung Black Line problem

by wrock911 - 8/9/12 2:01 PM

In Reply to: Plasma TV has 3 thin black lines by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

I've had the same problems with my Samsung 450 Plasma with the horizontal lines appearing, granted I bought it four years ago, but this is a TV.... is this the new life span of a tv?

After calling Samsung twice, they only said, it's out of warranty and up to me to service. Ref # 510-392-0420

My response is... this is how you don't run a company... if the motor and transmission fell out of our Honda tomorrow,, I'll guarantee you that Honda would fix it and wouldn't be jerking me around about warranty issues. Because, that's their product and their name is on the front and it means something...that's how you create a brand and customer loyalty

Now, with Samsung, you've got a customer, who doesn't feel valued and guarantee will tell everyone he knows about what kind of product Samsung is...

Disappointed, wish they would do something:(