Bob and misinformation

Bob, I am not exactly sure why your attitude is so poor regarding the initial question about upgrades available for the Galaxy Player. From ram amounts to ROMs to pretty much every topic within this thread, you have taken the "no way no how" approach. Might your little quips be better suited in an iOS discussion?

I, too, wrote to Samsung, and was told that there is an upgrade to ICS in the works. If it were up to you, I might as well brick my device now, as you stated, without hesitation, "No. And never. Why?".

You don't work for Samsung. Do not reply with absolutes that you know nothing about. Hell, I doubt you even frequent XDA, judging from your inference that Samsung will not support you if you use a ROM.

Attitudes like yours should never be associated with moderators. The "did you search google first" mentality is horrible and cnet would be smart to rid itself of you.