Yes Cable Harness!!!!!!

by voodoojeep2 - 8/8/12 10:11 PM

In Reply to: CABLE HARNESS by dragon5126

dragon5136, thanks for your three posts. Due to hesitation and stalling, excessive unburned fuel was pushed out of the exhaust valves and into the CAT, when the engine fired correctly, the hot gasses ignited the unburned fuel in the CAT and see you later $250.

My auto headlights and AC work great, I most likely never needed to replace the PCM, it was another process of elimination.

Like I said above My5abchar was onto something. So i created a bracket similar to one described in the link. This effectively made solid contact with all three plugins to the PCM. 97 JGC was a reborn new ride especially because of all the new parts I installed including new I said $1500 total. After about 5k miles it started to hesitate then just recently began stalling.

Because I KNEW that the harness bracket solved the problem, after starting it Saturday I took hold of the wiring harness just below my new bracket and gently moved it back and forth which caused it to hesitate and nearly stall!!!!! Very exciting.

My conclusion is that there is a minor short within the harness itself. I haven't had time to explore, but i DEFINITELY know now where the problem is.

I will post my results