Re: Volume Control of Sound Bar by TV Remote

Hi UrbanGuy56,

Again, I'm sorry; didn't mean to be off-putting. You asked if it was available, and I told you that it wasn't. I didn't say there never would be. Mlipst posted this information two weeks ago, and I'd expect a change like this to take several months. I realize you may not like to hear that, but in light of how you reacted to my earlier statement, I figured you'd rather me be upfront with you now rather than hearing "it's not currently available" for several months. Sorry I couldn't be more definite with you on the 'when'.

As to the how, updates like these are pushed via firmware. So check the website on a regular basis, or if you just want to automate it, connect your TV up to your network and let it search for updates itself.

HD Tech