bad in the rain

by dragon5126 - 8/7/12 2:33 PM

In Reply to: 98 Jeep Cherokee stalling problem by silverjeep

have you replaced the coil, ignition wires, plugs cap and rotor with PREMIUM parts. and the plugs shoud be old fashioned standard plugs. The 4.0 is sensitive to massive changes. go bone stock on the ignition components for a default setup. Then after all is done you can replace the coil and plugs, avoid platinum. as the electrodes are too small. multi electrode plugs are fine as are higher energy coils. but not until all bugs are worked out. and your cap rotor and cables need to be absolutely the best you can afford, but this goes for every vehicle, as it ensures the maximum amount of energy from the coil making it to the plugs, and remember metal plug wires are for racing not street driving