by Morgie007 - 8/7/12 6:42 AM

In Reply to: How can i remove mystart by incredibar? by 10zachs1

To remove it takes lots of trial and error. IM running win 7 and chrome. Avast and spybot have each removed the files transferred them to vaults but still persists. I first removed Mystart from the add/remove progs in control panel. Ran spybot but four entries couldnt be removed. Then went through prog files x86 removed all 'incredibar' files and found a sneaky one called Perion? (unfortunately cant read my own writing soz). Then trotted on down to internet setting in the control panel. Set home page to blank, then clicked on Search defaults settings just under aforementioned home page box. Removes on option that read incredibar but cannot remove a second option listed 'MySearchStart' -_- I then went into chrome and clicked the wrench in the top right corner then clicked settings then scroll down to the bottom click the blue 'advanced' settings link and make sure Phishing malware blocker is enabled. So far it hasnt come back but this is the third time i have removed the wee blighter. Hope this helps someone, also death do divvy 'anarchist' coders thinking there straight up g's, *whispers* the hackers hate our freedom!