by jelismorgan - 8/5/12 11:26 AM

In Reply to: SonyListens by SonyListens

I had purchased a Sony LCD Grand Wega. Gradually we began to see blue dots all over the screen. Today, its gotten to the point where it looks like a galaxy. I discovered online that this is a manufacturer's defect.

When I contacted Sony, they refused to stand by their product. I was told I missed the window of their recall. I explained to them that they never notified me that there even was a recall. I was told that I have no recourse. I'm just warning other potential consumers that this is not a company that stands by its products and will evade customer satisfaction on technicality. I find this especially problematic because this was truly a manufacturer's defect by their own admission. Yet they squirm out of backing their product with complete inflexibility to do the right thing.

Sony has lost my business for any future purchases and I caution anyone who might be considering buying their products in the future.