Oy Vey!

by KatNerd - 7/28/12 6:33 PM

In Reply to: This thread is SUPER old but... by Caffiend81

Dear Caffiend81,

I was so pumped to find your answer...as it was finally different from the same answers of "pick tile, blah blah or blah"...

I'm usually good at figuring this stuff out...but, alas, even your 7 steps haven't helped me. arghhh.

I just restored this hp laptop...with my restore dvds and driver dvd. do you think i should try to re-install the driver dvd to see if that helps? i'm scurred, as i just don't want anything to go wrong...again. ha.

any suggestions would be great. thanks.

i'll keep googling this, in the hopes i can figure it out. happy