Doesn't address the need

by BitsysDad - 7/27/12 7:25 PM

In Reply to: To do this you would by R. Proffitt Moderator

I think the author wanted wireless mirroring, at least that's what it would be using an AppleTV which receives an iPad's screen stream over a WiFi/LAN connection and transforms it for a wired HDMI link to an HDTV or HD projector. In a conference room or classrom setting, for example, that allows the presenter to walk around and present content directly from their iPad. I work with a university central IT service and am quite keen to find an Android technology that functions like AppleTV's wireless mirroring. The only thing I've been able to find to date is work being done by xBounds. Google search them and you'll even turn up a YouTube clip from xBounds demonstrating their prototype device that's clear and illuminating. I think that's the solution we're looking for but to my knowledge there's no known release date. I just noticed a reference to an AllShare Cast dongle and that also seems to be a good solution, including some enterprise/business apps but I could not find a release date for that one either. And the HTC Media Link HD seemed to me to be far too restrictive in several ways. As another possible solution, I think the concept of using a common Roku box is brilliant since the box hardware, software and functionality are mature and stable but the mirroring app aspects would indeed need to be developed. In any case, if anyone finds good solutions that are actually available for purchase, please speak up!