input source keeps reverting

by stateofmynd - 7/23/12 2:38 PM

In Reply to: Samsung air track by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

my setup: DirecTV HD DVR + Receiver>Samsung 46" Smart HDTV (UN46ES6100) 1080p 120Hz>Samsung Crystal Air Surround Bar (HW-E550 2.1 Channel 310-Watt Sound bar). Using the HDMI cables to go from receiver to subwoofer to tv.

my problem with the air track is that the input settings keep reverting back/defaulting from what I set them at, and I can't figure out how to keep the HDMI 2 input setting in place. so, whenever i turn the tv and surround on, the display starts at TV ARC instead of what I left it at (i.e. HDMI 2) prior to turning the tv/surround off. then after I change it to HDMI 2, it reverts back to TV ARC after a minute or two, which then i have to switch it back to HDMI 2. is there any way to keep the setting set at HDMI 2 so it doesn't keep reverting back, because when it's at TV ARC (or the incorrect input setting), there's a connection issue and I get no picture or sound. thanks for any and all help.