RE: Dell need to reformat. No dell factory image restore poi

Dear Veganhs,

I would be happy to assist you with this query. My name is Shomprakash, and I'm a member of the Dell Social Media and Communities Team.

Essentially, the Dell Datasafe Factory Image can be "Created" as a base image. The link to install the DSL Software is at :

Once you download the standalone setup file, you will be required to run the setup. Kindly note that the process of "Base Image Creation" is a long process, and it will allow you to create a new recovery image based on the current status of your hard drive.

However, if the purpose of seeking a factory image restore is to remove additional programs which are already installed, kindly follow the process to do a clean windows re-installation using a Windows Re-installation DVD.

Clean OS Re-installation Steps using the OS Disc are provided:

(First you need to make sure that your External ODD is selected as a bootable device in the system BIOS)

Link for OS Re-installation Steps:

(Once you visit this link please select your Operating System Type as originally shipped with the order ensuring that the correct options (32/64bit) are selected )

If after installing Windows, you need to seek the Dell Branded Utilities, you will find them at the website "My Dell Downloads" (Link :

If this reply was helpful or if you need a further follow-up, Kindly respond here. I will be glad to assist you to the best of my knowledge and ability.

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