HP Tec Support Sucks

Friday went through 5 hours of the so called support went from one non English speaking person to another. Finally got someone that spoke better English than the rest. He stepped me through several tasks on my computer which is a HP Pavllion that got hit with a nasty virus that will not allow the puter to start all the time. When it does start it will freeze after so long but the real problem other than the virus is somehow my wireless device in the puter got turned off. Well after all the time I spent with all of these people he informed me that since my puter was out of warranty I would have to sign up for service at the rate of 15 dollars a month with at least a year contract. Needless to say I told him I was on medical, a senior, and disabled vet an could not afford another bill. His statement was "Well we can help you but you need to sign up first" what a bunch of bull. Anyway does anybody know how I can turn my wireless device back on that is inside my puter? Like I said my puter is a HP Pavilion desktop it's system is 64 bit operating has 8GB memory model m9517c Vista Service Pack 2.