Will give this a try. Will never buy another Samsung..

by pm0123 - 7/20/12 10:50 AM

In Reply to: fixed pn58b550 plasma by addhyperactive

I will have to give this a try.

I have a PN50C450, about 2 yrs old. Recently black lines started showing up, I just moved about 5 months ago, so maybe this fix could work for me..

I do want to share with other readers my experience dealing with Samsung support though. I called the 1-800-samsung line a few times, after some useless trouble shooting routines, I was put on hold and then later cut off. Once I asked to transfer to an escalation line, (their Executive Customer Support line, which has been reference in a few other postings) It took several tries for me to get to this line as I was repeatedly getting dropped. Today I got through and am disappointed to report that it is no more help than the regular line.
I was told that the TV is 2 yrs old now and not covered under warranty (which I already knew). I then asked if Samsung was doing anything about this very common quality issue, (which is evident if you just Google Samsung plasma and black lines, and I was advised by a local repair shop to contact Samsung as the problem seems to be widespread and the cost of repair would exceed the cost of a new TV), I was told that this was purely a user's perspective that it's a quality issue... I'm totally shocked at this response, I guess Samsung must view multiple black lines as a normal feature in their TVs

After hearing that I asked if I could speak to her supervisor, to which I was told after 5 more min of holding, that no supervisor is available to talk about this issue.

The net of this is that Samsung does not care about their customers, does not feel quality and reliability is important at all, and does not seem to care if their customer never buys another Samsung.
So everyone reading this.. spread the word.

If the fix doesn't work I will have to buy a new TV, and it will NOT be a Samsung!