Chronos eStockCard Inventory Software is highly recommended!

by travis1510 - 7/18/12 9:13 PM

In Reply to: Inventory Software by hllee

Hi hllee! I found your question here and would like to share some of my opinions about eStockCard. I have been using their Warehouse Edition for quite some times already, I love it as it's really simple to use. Their IN and OUT features are great! I have to say that the tracking by product serial number is really amazing, I have tested some other inventory software but so far I think Chronos eStockCard inventory software has done a good job in this serialized tracking. Since you just want a software to store and retrieve your inventory, eStockCard should be perfect for you.

I would really recommend this software to others. Check out their website for more details. They have just launched a new software last month, I think it's really a good move for them to come out with the mobile inventory software.