by MC4221 - 7/16/12 3:46 PM

In Reply to: The Fix Is In! by FLJoe

What model was your TV? I called about my 61" dlp led Model # T6187SX/XAA and was told I would be charged cause my model number was not covered....BS. I even talked to a supervisor that was rude and said it doesn't matter if the white dots are on all channels or if the same problem exist in other covered models, it would not be covered. I was very disappointed as I read a few post on here and sounds like some are being helped and others not. I paid over 2,500 for this TV and only had it 3 yrs. I have 4 other Samsung products and can't say I will be buying any more after this experience. With a name like Samsung and the well known issue...I was confident they were going to resolve.....to know avail. I have placed a call to channel 7 "On your Side" in LA as they did a similar story in the bay area which resolved the same issue for a cpl and they were told the same thing I was by Samsung Supervisor. I'm hoping that will help as I think I've exhausted my efforts. Let me know if anybody out there can help before I go through all the trouble of getting in on the media to help me and others.