Re: clarification

In my first sentence I say I am looking for a pair of earphones with dual volume controls. Meaning, one pair of earphones with separate volume controls for the left and right ear. Usually the volume controls are on the ear pieces. or they used to be. In the good old days earphones such as these were easy to come by, Radio Shack sold them, but now for some reason the manufacturers seem to have stopped making them.

Anyway since posting before, someone kindly directed me to the Sennheiser HD65 TV which I sent for and am now trying out. They have separate volume controls, (for left and right ear) and a long extension wire to plug into the TV. The only trouble is, when the earphones are plugged into the TV it mutes it for anyone else in the room. So the long and short of it is, when watching TV either I am deaf or they are!

These earphones (for anyone else who may be interested) make speech much clearer, they do not use batteries, (thank goodness) the ear pieces are very comfortable and the volume controls are not on the earpieces they are on a switch by your hand so that you can see exactly what you are doing and regulate the volume accordingly.

The down side apart from muting the TV, is that the very long wire for TV viewing is not detachable so one is trailing the wire about and getting it tangled up when using the headphones for other things eg. Kindle Fire. This is a design fault, the wire should be detachable with a shorter wire enclosed even if it means charging more for the product, and since they are advertised for TV viewing they should be designed not to mute the television so that other people cannot view at the same time.