by disssd - 7/7/12 8:09 AM

In Reply to: CNET CRAPWARE add-ons by dalowman

Another case in point, this Babylon search engine that's wormed itself into every web browser i have immediately after I used the CNET downloader. It did not even seek permission to install - just hid behind some sort of vaguely worded plea about ad support from CNET Downloads.

I knew something was wrong when the I saw the download speed in Kbits!

But worse, Babylon is a bad rash that won't go away.
Its a pain to uninstall cos not only do you have remove it from the settings tab of the browser but also have to do a lengthy search in regedit to remove all traces from the registry. It states on the Babylon site that all you have to do is uninstall it from the Control panel "Uninstall a Program" in Win7, but who are they kidding? Try googling "uninstall Babylon" and see how people are pi**ed off.

Like Dalowman I am going to aviod "CNET" like the plague.