Re: Netflix subtitles suddenly stopped working -

jsoon1 and schebro,

Thank you for that all the info. It really does help, and I wish I could get all that info every single time anybody has an issue with any App or Smart Hub.

I talked with the TV product specialist on this issue, and he was very clear: once an app launches, it is no longer a Samsung issue. Now I don't want to have you guys get caught in the great gulf that Bob Proffitt often describes where two companies are blaming each other. Unfortunately, there is nothing that Samsung can do to fix this issue because the software code based is owned by Netflix.

Most likely what happened was that Netflix pushed out an app update, and it is broke something, And honestly, while I know that subtitles are important to you two, and my father also uses them a lot, it's relatively new and thus underused feature. So Netflix's programmers probably don't know that it's a problem yet.

However, we've passed along the information on our respective channels to Netflix, and if you want to do something, you can call them back and ask to have your issue escalated.

Hope that helps!

-- HD Tech