Thanks, 7moon12. Your solution worked, and 2 thoughts.

I have owned my S-II for only two weeks, AND SO FAR I LOVE IT !!!!!! I have moved beyond the "what is a home page" phase to downloading apps, populating pix on the contacts, migrating legacy music/pix, etc. To do the latter, we of course could use USB connectivity. And just like on my prior cell phone, per your instructions, we have to tell the phone to go into USB connection mode. After spending hours trying to figure it out, I found your instructions, and they worked flawlessly. Thanks for that. Nicely done!

Note: My PC is running Windows XP, Service Pack 3.

Two thoughts:
1. Just as I got your way to work, my son (who has owned his S-II for a couple of months), came home and pointed out another easy way. When we plug in the USB cable, a notice is displayed in the top bar saying "USB Connected." When we drag down the Notifications window we can click on the "USB Connected" line item, and that takes us to the screen where we can click on "Connect to USB Storage". Right after that, the PC recognizes the phone as a "Removable Disk" and we can "Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer". Easy! (The PC still tries to install drivers, but I cancel out of those).
2. *** VERY IMPORTANT! *** Part of my original problem was that I was connecting the USB cable to an unpowered USB Hub. For me that does NOT work! The phone and the PC get in a deadly embrace, repeatedly connecting and immediately unconnecting. I don't have a powered USB Hub, so I cannot comment on whether that works. For now, I am connecting directly to the USB port on the PC. Hope this helps! happy