Can someone suggest a change for me?

I have Verizon and last year I could log in using an Ipod (which uses Safari) and I could log in using a Wii which uses Opera as its web browser. I tried to log in this year and it would let me log in but I couldn't view my inbox.

I also have a Kindle Fire and i've talked to Verizon's tech support and it isn't a browser they support. I can't view my email with my Kindle Fire.

I was able to get on the web on vacation at a motor lodge with my Kindle Fire. There were periods when the internet was working and periods when the internet was not working. One of the things I found out was when I went to play the music I purchased, I found out I couldn't because the music was stored on the cloud and I had to wait until the internet was working.

I'm besides myself because I want privacy on the internet when choosing an internet provider and I want to be able to get into my inbox. Verizon changed their services from a text inbox that I could read with an ipod to rich text and I'm not able to get into my inbox online with an iPod or Wii anymore.