I only use Outlook

I use Outlook since about 10 years, never had a problem with it. The advantages are that everything comes into your own computer, I have it set up to download all attachments, picutres included. Norton always took care of the naughty ones and did not miss one. A big advantage is: Outlook starts with my computer and stays on for the whole time, duly checking and eventually downloading my mail every ten minutes. No spam or other filters as spam amounts to less than 10% and it is so easy to delete it, just click on the cross, recurring spam.

I wonder often why people still want to use webmail, none of the arguments are valid in my eyes and can justify the hassle of webmail versus the ease of a client like Outlook (Outlook express was a watered down version which was not great neither)

I still am albe to check my mail from anywhere as it stays on the server for a few days after it is retireved. I do have my own domain(s), two of which are on a server where my site is, even those can be read "on the web"

Over the years I changed motherboards and OS serveral times, it sufficed to copy the Outlook.pst file to transfer ALL the e-mail AND contacts. Used to have to transfer also the Archive.pst file in the Outlook folder. This way I have an archive of all my e-mail of the last 10 years, true the file is over 1 GB but what the heck, I am a professonal photographer and have over 7.5 Tb storage in my computer.