2 e-mail related questions

I apologize if these questions are too far off-topic... But they do relate to e-mail choices.

1. A lot of web-based e-mail programs require that you login periodically to keep the account active. Does a "send/receive" from an e-mail client (like Outlook, Outlook Express) count as such a login? Or do you have to log on via their web page to keep the account active?

2. Occasionally I make posters or flyers using Word, that include a photo or graphic. I want to both print and e-mail the flyers. When using an e-mail client like Outlook or Outlook Express I am able to Select All and Copy the Word doc contents and Paste it into the body of my e-mail message, and everything is fine, the photos/graphics are there, and I can send out the e-mail.

However, if I paste the same Word doc content into the web interface of a web-based e-mail program like Hotmail, or gmail, the text pastes fine, but the photo does not get pasted - it is missing. This is a problem for me - and why I continue to use an e-mail client. Anyone know why? Or, know a web-based e-mail program with a web-based interface that will work with pasted word doc content including a photo/graphic?

(I know I can always send the doc as an attachment - but in this case I want the flyer in the body of the e-mail - folks will often skip opening an attachment. I also know I could re-create the flyer in the web e-mail user-interface, but trying to avoid that extra work. I'm still using Word 2003 in case that makes a difference.)