Only use Outlook for the last 10 years

by andrehul - 6/29/12 9:20 PM

In Reply to: Yahoo and outlook by clockmendergb

I personally do not like nor use web based mail for different reasons, one has to go on-line, go to the site and so on. Also there are issues of storage space (not any longer with Yahoo).
I still have an archive of e-mail going back 10 years, try that on web based mail. OK, my file is greater than 1 GB already but what the heck, I have over 7 TB of storage (professional photographer). I have Outlook setup in such a way that it leaves a copy on my server. Another advantage of Outlook is that one is able to setup a lot of rules directing the mail to different folders. I did change computers and OS over the years but it is enough to copy the Outlook.pst file to transfer ALL the e-mail AND contact info.
I still am able to access my web mail if I am away from whatever computer, the one does not exclude the other. And oh, I DO NOT have a spam filter, find it too dangerous to miss mail which has been labelled spam by error. It is sooo easy to delete them in Outlook.