Tech Tracker Scan Error (Clean Install does not solve)

by JLFitz - 6/29/12 4:53 PM

In Reply to: Clean install may help by CNETSupport CNET staff

Thanks for all the information, I use IO-Bit Uninstaller with the powerful scan feature so am able to clear any left over registry items when uninstalling a program. TechTracker always leaves one item behind in the Registry and I delete it. Tried a "Clean Install" before the prior post. Tried again after your reply and just now always with no other programs running and still have same problem. Nothing on this PC has changed except trying to keep things updated, and I run Firefox in Privacy mode only. TechTracker was convenient when it worked, but since it no longer does I've deleted it for good. Funny it works on the other two PC's with no problem, and they're all set up the same. You've definitely got a bug in there somewhere. If you figure out what it is, let me know because I would like to use it again. By the way the link provided in the error message still doesn't provide any help.