Never trust them

I bought two paints from Light in The Box. One is single framed at $50 and another one is set of 5 at $150 plus $30 shipping charge. Both of those paintings has lots of flaws in term of art and material quality is very very low. You can get much more better paintings from any USA shop in-store or online. The paintings from Light in the Box are very much photogenic, if you see on eyes directly it looks like bought from dollar store. LITB has return policy and you can return losing shipping charge and spending shipping charge to return that. There is no guarantee how much money you will get back. They also delayed to ship my order and they didnt give any compensation as mention in their website.

Do not trust their website review. I put reviews for those paints I bought. They removed it. If you want to buy product you will get 24 hours customer support and once you make a purchase you have to just send e-mail to contact them, there is no online support or any contact number. I feel they have hired one or two guys to write five star review on their website. It is very much skeptical that there is no review less than 4 start rating. if you carefully read all reviews you will find all reviews are very similar to each other.

Moral of the story: Buy product( where that product is made in China or somewhere else) from USA store. But never take a risk to buy directly from Chinese store. It worst than losing money in Casion where you can atleast get some excitement.