Had Clear for over a year.

Bought a house in May of 2011 was excited to sign up with Clear. Bought all my equipment and was ready to go. First time I used it was to watch a movie with NetFlix. Spent more time buffing than actual play time. Moved box into every room even ended up putting it on top of the roof. Still very poor conection. Went to Time Warner and went to cancel Clear. Got the run around it would cost $200 to cancel blah, blah, blah, but they suggested we place the account on hold for 6 month and pay just $20 then we could cancel. We make a long story short I missed the month I was supposed to cancel and it ended up costing me $129 to cancel anyway. I spent over 30 minutes on the line telling the guy at Clear no I don't want that, No I am not interested in that offer, No I don't take it for a discount. I mean it was worst than divorce court. I do not recommned Clear at all. I'd rather use dial up.