by mikeyzgman - 6/27/12 4:22 PM

In Reply to: a total scam by hjcarlson

My lens came in a white box. It was to be U.S. This is as gray as you can get. The word nikon was not even on the box. One large box (too big for the lens) with my lens rolling in a white box inside it. Apparently, shipping peanuts must be at an all time high. When it arrives the nikon 18-200 lens does not work. They will not exchange it, we now must send it back to nikon. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE JERKS FROM NEW YORK CITY, THEY STATED 14 TO 21 DAYS TO SEND THE LENS. THEY TOOK THE PAYMENT IMMEDIATELY. SENT OUT THE LENS AT THERE CONVENIENCE. we called the number for service it is a recorded message it says open from 10 to 6pm. When we called it is now open only from 11 to 5. THEY are the reason people like us have an attitude with unseen faces. They are the sons of the jackal.