Samsung Rep: The problem is YOUR network and YOUR server

(from my post elsewhere in this thread)
I experienced many of the same problems mentioned by others, but I also encountered them using the HULU Plus app. All while watching through my BD-D6500/ZA "Smart Hub" function to my TV.

Then, this past Sunday, June 27, 2012, I was not able to connect to any apps OR even sign into Smart Hub. Anything I tried got me the error message that there was an internet connectivity issue and I should call my ISP. I called my ISP and everything checked out fine on their end

On Monday, June 28, 2012, I still could not connect to anything EVEN THOUGH my network settings said that there was an internet connection discovered (Ethernet AND Wi-Fi) but that the player could not connect to it.

I called Samsung and troubleshooted the problem with the rep. We even had me do a direct modem-to-player Ethernet hard wire connection. Nothing worked. I could not even sign into my account.

At other times, I had noted that problems with Netflix were only on my TV through the player. Otherwise, I was able to access and play Netflix through my PC just fine.

The rep told me the problem must be in my player, and told me to expect an email within 24 hours with a return label (I had to request that).

Today, almost 48 hours later, I had not received the email from Samsung, BUT, I did one more reset of my player AND of Smart Hub, and now everything works again (although still with buffering problems in Netflix and Hulu Plus.

I called Netflix and they told me they have been having trouble with Samsung's servers for about six months now.

I then called Samsung again. This new person said they have "never heard this news" that there might be problems with their servers. She said my only option was to ship them the unit (still under warranty) and have it repaired or replaced.

I had them promise me that if they could not reproduce the problem I would not be charged.

My gut tells me this is a Samsung problem, as a Netflix problem would NOT cause me to lose ALL internet access through my Blu Ray player.

Everyone call Samsung at 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864) and tell them you know it is their network/servers causing the problem.

That, and copy, paste this post or any other post everywhere you can on the internet.

We must force them to accept responsibility for their poor network/server performance, even if it is intermittently so.