So mislead

by Agent_40something - 6/23/12 9:53 AM

In Reply to: Really? by Tech3099

As an agent of the Geek Squad for almost 2 years now... and a 40 year old mother, i have to say I am disappointed that some would even think of ME (without even interacting with me) as a rip off. Basically what your saying is my time is worthless to you. The licensed products we use to diagnose your computers everyday come with a cost... it's like getting an MRI at the hospital.......... your not just paying for the cost of the machine, your paying for the lights, the water, the advertising, the labor, the rent, and everything else that that machine is accumulating for cost. Those of you that think Geek Squad is a rip off... maybe need to keep in mind that our services are PREMIUM services... if you can't afford them then you do what you can by researching the material yourself to fix your computer... If you can't afford to go without your computer and you depend on your computer to run your everyday life then perhaps you need to make sure that you can afford some kind of service through SOMEONE... doesn't even have to be best buy... we really don't care where you get your service. We get people all the time coming to the counter and asking questions "show me how to do this show me how to do that" and for the most part we will help you at no cost... it's posts like this though really make me want to whip out that 1/2 hour labor charge EVERY time someone comes to the counter.............