Partition or file recovery

by DADSGETNDOWN - 6/22/12 7:50 PM

In Reply to: This one notes partition recovery. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Okay, Mr. Proffitt. I have a similar issue, My ultimate question is, try to recover files first and with recuva or testdisk or ?, or try to repair or fix or create the lost partition or mbr or what first ?
Years ago on WIN98SE, I got a virus, I had AVG I had created a recovery disk or something with AVG, on a floppy, I ran it and it removed what it found. The drive boots to C where the OS is, but the partition was not seen, I think (long time and bad memory) I tried to run Windows floppy DOS mode trying to see the parition or create a new one, I wasn't sure what to do in there so I don't remember doing anything. I then just got a new drive, so now I have one of those Hard drive to usb adapters, all I want are the files...don't care about the partition per say.