by Poultrygeist - 6/20/12 9:18 PM

In Reply to: Avast emails me my password! by Sukki007

Well, email is a lot more secure since SSL (https) started to be widely used, this encrypts the traffic so attempted "man in the middle attackers" just get a load of unreadable junk when he tries to intercept.

I'm a member of that forum myself, and you are not the first person to point out the potential problem with this, the topic has been gone over a couple of times over there (on Avast! forum) in the past.

So, in short, is email safer than it used to be? Yes, by far. But is sending passwords via email still an unneeded risk? Yes to that also. But again, much safer than it was. Good on you for even being aware enough to notice though, most people do not even think twice about it.